Felling a Tree Against the Lean – How to Guide

felling a leaning tree against the lean

When felling trees especially cutting a leaning tree it is important to have the right well-maintained equipment, to know what you are doing, and to take the required safety precautions. This is not a simple thing to do it takes skill, knowledge, and patience so that you can direct the fall when cutting down a…

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Most Common Tree Diseases & Bugs – Ultimate Guide

tree diseases - tree bugs - tree fungus

When you own trees it is your responsibility to learn how to look after them. To observe signs of tree diseases and tree insect pests, and to do what you can to prevent it, heal it, or remove it. Obtaining an arborist report can help identify necessary mitigation measures. Tree pests and diseases can damage…

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Bee Hive in Tree: What to Do?

bee hive in tree - get rid of bees nest in tree

For the past couple decades, the gradual disappearance of bees across much of the world has been a point of panic and curiosity. The great many people out there rather frightened of bees probably feel a little relieved by their diminishing numbers, but the truth is, these are extremely important to the ecosystem. They pollinate…

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