How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

how to stop tree roots from growing back

Sometimes, we ignore the network of roots beneath the tree in our yard until they cause damage. When they damage our driveway or foundation, we need to remove them. Despite our love for the tree, removing the roots becomes necessary. However, the good news is that you can eliminate the roots by yourself in several…

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How To Cut Down A Tree in Five Easy Steps

how to cut down a tree

Cutting down a tree from your property may be necessary if it poses a safety risk to your family, blocks your plans for a new pool, is situated too close to your house or fencing and other items, or it is a reason for neighbourhood disputes. This can be a difficult decision, but sometimes it…

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Top 9 Tree Removal Reasons You Need to Know About

Reasons to Remove a Tree

The importance of trees in our environment must be stressed, and their removal should be a last resort. But suppose you find yourself in a situation where tree removal is necessary. In that case, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Violating these laws could lead to…

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What is an Arborist Report and Is It Necessary To Get One?

Arborist Report: A Detailed Guide

An arborist report takes an in-depth look at your tree’s health and provides a plan of action to keep it safe, healthy and beautiful. It helps identify any issues that could cause harm while offering solutions on how best to manage them — from pruning dead branches or recommending disease treatment. A qualified arborist can…

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How To Get Council Approval To Remove a Tree

get a tree removal council approval to remove a tree

Getting permission to remove a tree on your property can be complicated in Australia. Every state has different rules and regulations to adhere to before cutting down any trees. In addition, depending on your tree type, it may require tree removal council approval. This blog will discuss how to get council approval to remove a…

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What is the Penalty for Cutting a Tree Without a Permit

cutting tree

Cutting a tree without the proper permit is an offence in Perth, Australia and carries serious consequences. The penalty for unlawfully cutting down a tree can be up to $50,000, depending on where it is located and whether local council regulations protect it. It may also include imprisonment of up to two years or more…

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Neighbourhood Tree Disputes: How To Resolve Them?

Neighbourhood Tree Disputes

Resolving neighbour tree disputes can be tricky, but a court may only sometimes provide the best solution. Financial costs and lengthy timelines associated with legal intervention often make it impractical. Furthermore, litigation could also hurt neighbourly relations. Suppose you and your neighbour are at an impasse. In that case, dispute resolution is a great way…

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Dead Tree: Is My Tree Dead? Can It Still Be Saved?

How to Know If My Tree is Dead

Is having a dead tree in your lot even a big issue? Losing a tree can have devastating effects on your landscape. Not only do trees provide shade, but they also offer protection from harsh winds that blow through our region’s climate. When there are dead trees because of a lack of proper pruning techniques,…

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Why replanting is important after tree removal

Why replanting a tree is important - Blog Single Image

When you need to invest in tree removal the best option available is to get an arborist report and find expert services local to you who know how to do it properly and safely. But once the tree or trees are removed it is a great idea to replant the area after. There are a few…

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Best tips on removing a tree in your garden

Things to avoid when cutting down a tree in your garden

Having a place you spend outside is something to treasure and enjoy. In your garden, you can create any kind of outdoor space you want, from somewhere to hold family parties in, to somewhere tranquil that you can relax and find peace in. But the process of creating that kind of garden and then maintaining…

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