strong signs when palm trees need to be removed

5 Strong Signs your Palm Tree needs to be Removed

When you are a property owner with some land around you, part of being responsible about the land and what grows on it is dealing with the trees. There are several risks to how well your palm trees are doing. If you have lifeless limbs, brown leaves or collapsing fronds, these are signs your tree needs some serious help. There are also going to be times when you need to remove a palm tree and the best way to achieve that is to look for good services offering palm tree removal Perth or where you are. If your palm trees are not upright and green, like an evergreen tree as it is, then you need to consult with an arborist or tree expert for advise or for a tree report. Here are five signs to look out for.

1) Brown or stunted fronds

It is possible if you recently transplanted the tree that this has had an impact on how it is doing. You could have an expert in palm tree pruning Perth come by to check it out. They could remove some dead branches and see if anything else is the cause. If that, or some extra attention does not help and new fronds do not develop looking healthy and green once more, then there could be something more serious going on, like disease and that could require palm removal, Perth.

2) Lifeless limbs

Another reason to have some palm tree pruning, Perth carried out is if some of the branches are too damaged. It could be from a recent storm, or perhaps the temperatures dipped too cold for the tree. It might also mean the whole tree needs to be removed if there is a lot of damage and not just a few branches.

3) Signs of disease

Many different tree diseases can affect your palm trees. Not all of them mean the tree has to go, treatment is successful in many cases. But sometimes if there is a risk to the other healthy trees special steps in removal are necessary by those who know what they are doing in palm removal Perth. Look for wilting, discoloration, while older fronds can change colours, the younger ones should be bright green. Check that they are getting enough water if there are no other signs of disease. Look at the crown of your palm tree, the top center of the tree. That needs to look healthy, if it does not, you need to act quickly.

4) Pest problem

Several insects can damage your tree, make it sick and even kill it. Look into palm tree removal cost, Perth and find somewhere competitively priced, but also experienced not just with general tree removal but with palm trees in particular. Consider having them come around regularly to check on your trees and make sure everything is good. The problem with pests is how quickly they can spread to your other trees.

5) Overly large and dangerous roots

Sometimes the roots of trees can become a problem, too large, coming out of the ground and this becomes a safety risk. They could lift below causing damage to the foundation of your home or a building on the property. They might be a tripping hazard. When an accident is possible then a service for palm tree removal Perth might be best.


If palm tree removal cost Perth is what makes you hesitate in calling for help, sometimes you have to invest in people who know what they are doing. Look for the signs and help keep your property safe by using real tree care professionals.


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