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Bee Hive in Tree: What to Do?

For the past couple decades, the gradual disappearance of bees across much of the world has been a point of panic and curiosity. The great many people out there rather frightened of bees probably feel a little relieved by their diminishing numbers, but the truth is, these are extremely important to the ecosystem. They pollinate most of the plants, including our crops, and raw honey, which bees are the primary producers of, can be vital in the pharmaceutical industry.

As a matter of fact, raw honey contains various enzymes that may one day lead to cures for forms of cancer, the elimination of certain allergies as well as providing less narcotic pain management and quality of life-improving medications as well. In other words, we can’t live without bees.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to live with them in our own gardens!

Are bees dangerous?

If you encounter a beehive in tree environments, you will absolutely hear it before you see it. The collective humming of thousands or even millions of bees is hard to miss. It can be a startling site, and if you are particularly close, you’re guaranteed to have members of the hive swarming in your personal space.

Naturally, all of this is moot if you are in fact allergic to bees.

How do bees make hives in trees?

The question of how do bees make hives in trees is actually a rather complicated thing. While cartoons generally portray beehives as lobed objects which dangle from branches, that is actually more inspired by paper wasp, hornets and yellow jackets. While certain species of bead to produce hives like this, typical honeybees will actually seek out a hollow area inside the tree perfect to line with wax and begin a hive.

Do only tree bees live in trees?

There are several species of be referred to as “tree bees”, several of which not being standard European, North American or Australian honeybees. These bees are still social, and many of them do still in fact produce honey, but they aren’t quite the typical be one might see buzzing about a flower bed. However, pretty much any species of social B is more than happy to use the hollow of a tree should approve viable for their nesting needs.

Do bees pollinate trees?

Pollinators are a pseudo-classification of various animals which are attracted to the nectar and/or pollen of flowers. Their attraction to this will cause them to be carriers of genetic material to other members of the same plant species of opposite genders. This is in fact how most plants reproduce sexually. While not all trees produce flowers, which are a significant mechanism for pollinators, bees do in fact pollinate a great many variety of trees. Pretty much any fruit tree is guaranteed to rely at least partially on bees for reproduction.

How do I get rid of bees in a tree stump?

If you are wondering how to get rid of bees in a tree stump, that depends entirely on how responsible you want to be. To identify necessary mitigation measures, you may obtain an arborist report. Whenever possible, killing beehives should be avoided due to their affirmation importance and alarming drop in population over the course of the last three decades.

Thus, the best thing to do is simply encourage the bees to vacate their current place of residence without killing more than perhaps a few. The best thing to do here is to take a cue from beekeepers whom use smoke to cause bees to become docile in order to harvest honey.

The use of cedar oil will also work, as it is one of the very few essential oils in the world which actually have a practical application as an insect repellent.

How to get bees to leave other places?

To get rid of a bees nest in tree situation, you simply don’t want to attempt this on your own. While using smoke and repellents such as the previously-mentioned situation will work, you have to get up in a tree with it, and there is just no safe way to do this and get away from the wrath of the swarm.

Put simply, unless you are willing to potentially damage the tree as well as kill the hive, you will simply need to get tree experts involved. Anything to do with a tree, from trimming and lopping all the way up to removing pasts is best handled by people who truly understand trees, and are adequately equipped, insured and trained for the dangers involved.

Moving bees from tree to hive?

If you like keeping the bees on your property, which has its benefits in their pollinating nature and the potential for honey if you know how to safely extract it, but don’t want them in a tree, there are ways to encourage them to move their nest to a safer location. However, this will once more require the help of professionals who can encourage the beast to leave the tree in the first place.

How long do tree bees nest for?

This varies wildly, with some nests being purely seasonal, while others can last for years and years. This depends wildly upon the species of be as well as internal conditions within a hive. Sometimes the highs become too prosperous and too big for their location, at which point they will simply move along to a more fitting location.

Why shouldn’t I just exterminate them?

As said many times in this article, bees are extremely important and are not in fact particularly dangerous to most people. Granted, if you have children that play around trees where bees may be present, the risk of painful stings and possible small-scale child trauma do increase. However, even in cases where they are a danger to someone, it is best to encourage them to simply seek habitation elsewhere due to their extreme importance in the ecosystem.

While a great more research needs to be done, most ecologists predicted the loss of bees as something so catastrophic as to potentially end life as we know it on this planet.


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