How to Know If My Tree is Dead

Dead Tree: Is My Tree Dead? Can It Still Be Saved?

Is having a dead tree in your lot even a big issue? Losing a tree can have devastating effects on your landscape. Not only do trees provide shade, but they also offer protection from harsh winds that blow through our region’s climate.

When there are dead trees because of a lack of proper pruning techniques, it often leaves telltale signs like browning leaves during summer months with borers riddled all over their branches. These holes allow bugs like termites to get inside quickly, worsening this problem.

If you notice that your tree is dying or dead, it’s crucial to address the issue quickly. To determine what actions need to be taken, you can obtain an arborist report that outlines potential mitigation measures.

In addition, it will help avoid costly repairs from damages caused by falling branches and animals living in proximity of an unhealthy tree shape. If you have reasons to remove a tree, you should take into account that you may not be allowed cutting a tree without a permit.

This article will discuss how to tell if a tree is dead if it can come back to life, and professionals that can help you handle the situation appropriately.

how to tell if it is a dead tree

How To Tell If a Tree Is Dead?

Learning to tell if a tree is dead is only some people’s field of expertise. You will need a trained eye to be able to tell if a tree is alive or dead to be able to know how to handle one.

The dead tree may be a potential hazard to your family and property, so removing them as soon as possible is essential.

Tree Wise Men always try to avoid the removal of a healthy tree. However, if you spot any indication, start thinking, “Is my jacaranda tree dead?”

Don’t just assume it’s going through a tough time. Here are some telltale signs which may point toward death:


The leaves on your tree will provide a good indication of its health. If you see few or no new ones in August, there needs to be something fixed with it, and you should take care of it immediately.

In the winter, looking for any buds on your trees is essential. You’ll find these little dots at either end of a branch, and they resemble connect-the-dots puzzles – if you don’t see them, then that could be bad news, indicating that your tree could die.


Branches can provide a lot of information about the health and well-being of trees. For example, when we see multiple dying branches at their tips, this is one indication that stress or health decline may occur with your particular tree species.

It is because it harvested these resources from its environment over time which has compromised its ability to photosynthesize nutrients back into organic compounds necessary for growth & survival.

Branches are an essential part of the tree’s life cycle. A single dead branch doesn’t mean that the entire tree has died, but if there is more than one large and high-quality twig hanging off a healthy limb, something may be wrong with them.

If you want to test whether or not a branch is alive, give it an easy bend with two fingers. If the tip twists quickly, there’s life in this one. Brittle ones will break at your touch.


A few signs indicate you need to call an arborist for your potentially dying tree. First, large sections of bark peeling off the tree’s trunk might mean a more significant problem. (Note: Some trees, like Cranesbill Myrtle, have naturally peeling bark.)

Secondly, if you notice a ring around your plants’ entire trunk, this could mean they are suffering from decay.

Thirdly, keeping an eye on any oozing from the trunk could signify pest activity or damage during construction and landscaping projects.

Lastly, we can use a sounding hammer on the trunk. If it sounds completely hollow, your tree is dying, and you should take action before it’s too late.


The tree’s base is where we’ll find some interesting information about our beloved tree.

Root rot is an illness that can attack your tree’s roots. However, you can potentially see deadly tree fungus growing on or around healthy trees.

Still, you should pay attention to them – this could indicate significant problems with the health of both soil resources and water supply for other plants in proximity to our infected one.

Roots lifting out of the ground indicate that trees are struggling. Both cases could signify they’re failing and need to be replaced or cut down soon.

Can a dead tree come back to life

Can Dead Trees Come Back To Life?

Can you revive a dead tree? The answer is yes, but only if you have the right equipment and know what to do. A half-dead one should still attract professional attention because there can be a big chance you can save it. But tree removal is a more sensible option if your tree is 100% dead.

A professional opinion from an arborist will always come in handy when you’re unsure what’s wrong with your trees and how best to treat or control their symptoms. Here is a list of common tree diseases that you can counter to treat or save your dying tree:

Dutch Elm’s Disease

The disease is transmitted by dark elm beetles or fungi and can be treated with a trunk injection of Fungicide. If you notice red spots on your tree, it’s best to take action quickly before the infection worsens.

Fire Blight

The effects of fireblight can be devastating to your fruit tree. The disease causes wilting and mainly affects the leaves, but pruning affected areas may help reduce symptoms in some cases too.

Hence, if you notice anything suspicious or new appearing on branches, cut them off immediately (or call us).

American Chestnut Blight

The symptoms of this disease are apparent in dead leaves and branches that turn yellow or die. Professionals have found multiple methods to control it, including using soil compresses, hypovirulence, and chemical fungicides.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a disease that can cause the leaves and stems of plants to become covered in white or grey powder. Organic fungicides containing sulfur can prevent future infestations while treating existing ones to restore your beautiful plant to health.

Sudden Oak Death

The most successful treatment for this disease is Agri-Fos (fungicide phosphonate), which you can apply as a spray or dusting after planting. Contact an arborist immediately if you see any signs of infection on your plants, such as calluses that seep out red/black ooze and spots on leaves.

How To Cut a Dead Tree?

Have you ever encountered a tree that needed to be removed? Whether it’s blocking an upcoming path, too close to a building foundation, or detracting from the beauty of a garden — many different scenarios can lead us down the road of tree stumping.

When you notice your old, century-looking tree in your yard and its slowly depleting energy, it’s time for removal. But do you know how to cut down a tree? First, consult with an arborist to determine if there’s any way of saving the wood, and then have these experts use proper tools or techniques so we can safely remove any trees on the property.

We all know that dead trees are a pain to deal with. But if you’re skilled in DIY projects and have the equipment needed to cut them down, here’s our advice on how best to do it.

A chainsaw is a great way to get those rigid branches off your tree. Of course, it will leave you with an ugly, messy workspace, but it’s worth the hassle for that clean-cut look.

Feed the branches through your wood chipper to make it easier on you and ensure that those pesky tree trunks are gone.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of larger branches, this is it! Tie off the branch with rope and slowly lower them down.

When cutting down a tree with the chainsaw, always take small pieces first to prevent yourself from getting tired and having an accident.

When you are about to fall off a tree, there is nothing more important than safety. But, of course, you need the right equipment and precautions, so your day turns into something other than an accident waiting for fate or design failure. The following list includes all of our recommended gear:

Tools and supplies you will need:

  • Hard hat
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Boots-Fire extinguisher
  • Single-blade axe
  • Saw gas & bar oil
  • Wedges
  • First-aid kit
  • Plum line
  • Chain
  • Chain saw

Opt For Professional Removal of Dead Trees

Now that you know how to tell if you have a sick, healthy, or dead tree, it is time to check the trees hanging out in your yard, especially if they have been around for a long time to avoid unwanted accidents or insects that are not welcome in your home or neighbourhood.

If you need a dead tree removal service, please don’t hesitate to contact Tree Wise Men for our expert advice. Our certified arborists will inspect thoroughly and observe whether or not this may be an emergency before recommending what we will do.

Trees have great sentimental, aesthetic, and environmental value. For this reason, our priority is to treat a tree whenever possible.

Still, when giving you an estimate, we will point out the visible dangers and offer ways to solve these problems without harming yourself or others around your home. So hurry and schedule a free estimate from trusted arborists in Perth for 30 years today!


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