Things to avoid when cutting down a tree in your garden

Best tips on removing a tree in your garden

Having a place you spend outside is something to treasure and enjoy. In your garden, you can create any kind of outdoor space you want, from somewhere to hold family parties in, to somewhere tranquil that you can relax and find peace in. But the process of creating that kind of garden and then maintaining it is not simple or easy. Trees need care, some might need removing, lawns need mowing and flower beds need weeding and watering. Learning how to identify when a tree is dead is essential when you own a landscape. If you do need to remove a tree though, make sure to stop the roots from growing back. The process should be treated seriously and planned carefully, along with an arborist report to help you know the best approach to take. Here is a closer look at some things to avoid when cutting down a tree.

Allowing an uncontrolled fall

You must think carefully before you even make one cut. You need to see ahead of time where limbs will fall and where the main tree will fall. You need to make sure you are not in those zones and no-one else is in them either. If you allow an uncontrolled fall there is far more chance of injury, damage to property or something even worse.

To prevent that you should make a wedge into the tree from the direction you want the tree to fall. It should reach almost to the middle. Then move around to the other side and cut higher up. The tree will crack as it starts to fall but don’t wait for it as there can be some kickback from the base of the trunk. Once you have put in the second higher cut move back at least 15 meters. You should not push the tree.

Cutting down the whole thing at once

If the tree you want to remove is bigger than a small tree, then you should try to avoid cutting the whole thing down. First, it is a good idea to trim branches away, then trim away the limbs. For large trees you can then cut from the top, taking out sections until it is much shorter.

Ignoring general safety precautions

Too many accidents happen because people avoid following safety precautions thinking they do not need them. Anyone involved in tree removal should take certain steps though. These include;

  • Wear protective gear including goggles, a helmet and gloves.
  • Also, protect your feet by wearing steel-toed boots.
  • Protect your ears from the noise of the chainsaw by wearing ear protection.
  • Scout the area where the tree will be felled to see where it will fall.
  • Have an escape route planned all around the tree so you know how to react when it falls.
  • Know how to properly use a chainsaw.

Using an axe rather than a chainsaw

Some property owners have axes and think they can take down a tree with that rather than getting a chainsaw. But if you do not know how to properly use an axe they are a lot riskier than chainsaws. Use a chainsaw for small and medium-sized trees, but for larger trees, you are likely going to need a crane as well to get to the top of the tree. Avoid using boot spikes and straps to climb unless you are very experienced and physically very fit. This is why many choose instead to hire a tree removal service.


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