Reasons to Remove a Tree

Top 9 Tree Removal Reasons You Need to Know About

The importance of trees in our environment must be stressed, and their removal should be a last resort. But suppose you find yourself in a situation where tree removal is necessary.

In that case, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance. Violating these laws could lead to severe legal and financial consequences.

Knowing when you can and cannot legally remove a tree is crucial to ensure you follow the proper protocol. Our informative guide delves into tree removal reasons.

Do I Need Permission to Remove A Tree?

Deforestation is a grave issue, and states have ways to protect their native and indigenous trees. In most cases, trees are the community’s property even when you are the owner and need a permit before cutting down one.

Unless there is no precise regulation in your city or state, it is crucial to seek a permit before removing a tree unless it is dead, broken, or a danger to you and your property. Therefore, if you are wondering if you need a permit to cut down trees on private or public land, you know the steps to avoid fines and court cases.

In Australia, before removing a tree from your private property, it’s crucial to know that obtaining permission from your local council is typically necessary. Council rules and regulations regarding tree protection vary, but most demand that residents seek a permit before performing significant tree-related activity. A permit may not always be necessary, but failing to obtain one while removing a tree could result in severe fines and legal consequences.

Before you start any significant tree work, you must understand your local council’s tree removal regulations that apply to your property and the penalties for breaking tree protection laws.

Top 9 Good Reasons To Remove Trees

Discover the many perks of trees, from their natural beauty to their role in purifying the air we breathe. While we often cherish these beloved plants, there are instances where tree removal becomes an essential measure for safety or property management.

So don’t be caught off guard. Read on to learn about the top tree removal reasons:

Reason #1: Safety Precautions

As trees reach their full potential or grow old, their branches can become a ticking time bomb, threatening to fall off or take down the entire tree. This is especially concerning when said tree is in front of your home.

The possibility of damage from falling branches or an uprooted tree is not to be overlooked, making it a smart decision to take preventative measures.

As homeowners, our top priority is the safety of our family and those around us. However, it’s crucial to understand that even if a tree isn’t directly beside your home, it still poses a safety risk.

The danger of falling branches or trees can not only harm individuals, but it can also potentially bring down power lines. So take the necessary steps to ensure your property is safe, including removing any trees or large branches that could pose a risk.

Reason #2: Tree Damage or Decay

Maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your backyard is crucial to the vitality of your trees. Like a decaying apple, a diseased or dead tree can threaten the surrounding trees’ well-being.

Checking your trees regularly for signs of illness or death is necessary to protect your green space. Sometimes, you may need to remove these problematic trees promptly to avoid a more significant issue.

Is it time to bid farewell to your beloved tree? Keep an eye out for these warning signs of damage or decay:

  • Cracks in the trunk that run vertically
  • Peeling of the bark that is not usual
  • Stubs of dead branches
  • Wounds that are visible or open cavities
  • The trunk has been severely damaged
  • A lightning strike resulted in broken timber

After a storm, you must inspect your trees for any possible storm damage. When it comes to assessing the severity of the damage, it’s best to defer to the expertise of a reputable, certified arborist.

They can accurately determine the status of the tree and advise on whether removal is necessary for the safety of your property.

Reason #3: Damage Your Home

Urban areas can challenge the growth of trees, especially if their roots become intrusive to structures or pavements. While we all value greenery, certain tree species might not be suitable for these settings. To prevent further damage or potential hazards, it’s best to remove the tree altogether and make sure to stop tree roots from growing back.

As invasive roots can travel into neighbouring properties and threaten your property’s foundation, consulting professionals in tree removal services is your best bet. Not only is it the most cost-effective solution, but it’ll also ensure the safety and longevity of your property.

Reason #4: Makes Your Landscape Unattractive

Achieving the perfect curbside appeal is every homeowner’s dream, but sometimes one tree can disrupt the entire aesthetic. While investing in landscaping can create a picturesque yard, an unsightly tree can ruin the overall look.

Opting to remove the tree instead of letting it detract from your property’s beauty is a smart move that can enhance its visual appeal even more.

Did you know that despite their stunning appearance, invasive trees pose a serious threat to the health of your landscape? They not only compete with native trees but also suppress biodiversity and disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Unwanted, invasive trees can pose a severe threat to our natural ecosystems. Some particularly troublesome species include the Chinese tallow, chinaberry, Bradford pear, white poplar, mimosa (or silk) tree, tree of heaven, and black locust.

Reason #5: Hollow Tree

Did you know the hollow hole in your tree’s trunk may indicate a potential problem? While a fun photo opportunity for the family, this sign could mean that your tree is weakening or has internal decay.

Discovering hollow cavities within tree limbs is not only a fascinating natural phenomenon. Still, it can also provide an ideal habitat for wildlife such as owls and squirrels. So keep an eye out for small, furry creatures peeking out from your trees—it may signal that your tree provides a cozy home for local critters.

Before taking drastic action and potentially harming wildlife, it’s essential to get an arborist report or seek the advice of a professional arborist. These experts can assess the health of a tree and determine if it’s safe to let it stand, as well as know how to remove a tree when there’s a need to. Only risk disrupting the lives of our animal neighbours after first understanding the implications.

Pro Tip: Discovering whether a tree is hollow can be more challenging than it seems. However, there’s a simple way you can perform a test with just a rubber mallet. You can determine its hollowness by tapping various areas of the tree trunk. But don’t rely solely on your abilities. Consulting with an experienced tree care specialist is highly recommended.

Reason #6: The Tree is Infested

Insects can be the bane of a tree’s existence, risking its structure. And with a gusty wind, the branches become targets for potential destruction.

Not only that, but these pesky critters can also make their way into our homes, causing even more trouble. In light of these dangers, eliminating infested trees is a smart move.

Reason #7: Fungal Disease

As fascinating as those mushrooms growing on the tree’s base may seem, they could indicate a severe problem. It’s a tell-tale sign of a fungal disease that can wreak havoc on your tree’s health and even spread to others nearby.

Tree diseases may not always manifest in the form of visible fungi. Other tell-tale signs include:

  • discoloured leaves
  • cankers or wounds
  • stunted growth
  • dead branches
  • premature leaf drop

These symptoms could indicate a range of diseases, from mild to severe. A professional arborist should inspect them to determine the best action for your tree’s health. Pay attention to the signs – early detection and treatment could save your tree.

Reason #8: The Root is Rotting

If you’re dealing with a tree suffering from root rot, don’t throw in the towel just yet. While the infection may be severe, there are measures you can take to bring your tree back to health potentially. However, it’s important to note that professional removal may be recommended for safety if the root rot has put your tree at risk of falling or causing damage.

Identifying the characteristics of root rot can be quite perplexing. Why, you ask? Because the root of the problem is buried beneath the soil, making it challenging to ascertain unless you possess superhero-like abilities.

Moreover, the symptoms of root rot that can be one of the good reasons to remove trees are often disguised as:

  • Poor growth
  • Yellow or wilting leaves
  • Soft or discoloured bark
  • An ever-increasing number of fallen branches
  • Thinning of the canopy
  • Fungus growing up from the roots
  • Cankers or sunken wood

Reason #9: Falling Debris

Did you know those beautiful tree leaves can cause havoc on your home if left unchecked? Clogged drains and gutters, damaged pools, and plumbing issues are just some potential problems.

And not just the leaves—fruit, sap, and seeds can also wreak havoc on your outdoor area. So don’t let these issues pile up. It’s time to take action and remove that tree before it causes any more damage.

Is it Harmful To The Environment If You Remove a Tree?

Trees provide a wealth of essential services as a fundamental component of our environment. For example, they offer a vital source of carbon storage, act as sanctuaries for wildlife, and greatly enhance our land’s resilience in response to climate change’s impacts.

But have you ever thought about the valid reasons to remove a tree? Cutting down a tree requires careful consideration and professional assistance, whether due to common tree diseases or development needs.

It is essential to note the detrimental consequences of large-scale tree cutting. The act of deforestation not only disrupts the ecosystem but also erases the natural habits of wildlife.

Did you know that cutting down a single tree does not significantly contribute to environmental problems? Eliminating entire forests is what indeed poses a threat. Nevertheless, there are situations where it’s beneficial to know when to remove a tree—such as if it’s diseased and could harm surrounding healthy trees. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons of tree cutting is essential.

Rest easy knowing that removing a tree from your property will not significantly impact the environment. With this knowledge, you can confidently move forward with your tree removal project without unnecessary stress or concern.

Can I Do It Myself?

Although you can remove a tree with the appropriate tools and safety equipment, and know how to remove a tree, it is generally not advisable especially if you’re attempting mature tree removal. It is preferable to have a certified arborist assist you as they possess knowledge of various tree types and situations, along with training in the safest and most efficient methods for removal. Having an arborist present will help you avoid hazardous situations, and they can supply the needed equipment to manage the branches and wood that usually make a mess on the ground.

Hire a Trusted Perth Arborist to handle the situation instead of attempting to do it yourself because there is a risk to you and your home. Why take the risk if you’re unsure? Hiring professionals is the best way to guarantee your and your family’s safety.

Make a Wise Decision in Removing a Tree With Tree Wise Men

As property owners, it’s understandable to feel saddened by the need to chop down a tree. But, taking action to handle a diseased or falling tree is crucial for the safety of your surroundings.

In addition, removing sick trees can promote a thriving ecosystem, especially when replanting the area with new and healthy trees. As responsible caretakers, you must prioritise the long-term health of our landscape above short-term emotions.

Unlock the full potential of your landscape with the expert arborist team at Tree Wise Men Perth. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing safe and effective tree removal solutions to help your trees thrive. Let us revitalise your garden and maintain its beauty for years to come. Contact us today!


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