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Why replanting is important after tree removal

When you need to invest in tree removal the best option available is to get an arborist report and find expert services local to you who know how to do it properly and safely. But once the tree or trees are removed it is a great idea to replant the area after. There are a few reasons for this but it is not a simple process as there are things to consider with that plot of soil. The area where the trees were is a lot different to the rest of your lawn or garden beds and it can be harder to grow things there. Here are some top tips on why replanting is important after tree removal and what to consider as you do it!

Five reasons to replant after tree removal

  1. Think about global warming – When you remove trees, it has an impact, however small, on carbon levels and global warming. Therefore by replanting the area, you are being a part of the solution, not the problem.
  2. Boost the value of the property – Overgrown trees that are not well looked after and managed can have an impact on the value of your property. People see it and know it means more work. Having a professional service handle the tree removal and then replant the area to make it look better and complement the home and the local area will add value to the property.
  3. Create natural sound reduction – Use new plants, hedges and trees as a means to reduce noise from a nearby busy road. They are very effective, affordable and attractive means of getting some sound insulation.
  4. Help your local wildlife – Think about the kind of wildlife that lives in your area and what you can replant to help them.
  5. Create opportunities for protection and shade – As well as being a place of protection for wildlife it is a way to get protection and shade in your garden in a natural way.

Why replanting after tree removal is harder

There are a few things to keep in mind when you plant in an area after the removal of trees or stumps. The soil in that area is not going to be the same as in the rest of the garden. The tree will have depleted the soil of its nutrients and if there are still roots down there that also means there is a crowding problem. You will need to spend more time adding nutrients back into the soil and looking after what you grow there.

If salt or chemicals have been used for tree removal then you should consider planting elsewhere for the time being. New planting is not going to do well there with chemicals and salt in the soil. Also consider planting elsewhere if the tree removed was diseased as that could still be in the soil and you do want your new plants to also become diseased.

Tips on a successful replanting

  • Give it some time for the soil to recover, for roots to decompose and so on.
  • Prepare the site properly with stump grinding, adding in nutrients and compost.
  • Either choose a new tree that has smaller roots so there is no crowding or plant something other than a new tree there.
  • Whatever you plant there will need a lot of care and attention at the start to get it to thrive.
  • Talk to an expert like an arborist who understands why replanting is important after tree removal and can offer tips or do the work for you!


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