Storm Damage

Tree Wise Men Perth are a fully equipped Tree Services provider. We can help you with Storm Damage cleanup.

Perth gets some wild weather and storms, which can wreak havoc on our trees and cause damage to cars, fences, homes, schools, workplaces and businesses.

Prevention is always the best cure but what if a storm blows in, throws tree branches and limbs all around your garden and even breaks off a tree or two?

Well, that’s when we put on our superhero capes and come to your rescue.

We have been doing damage control and cleaning up after Perth’s storms for 30 years.

If your job is for an insurance claim, we are onto it for you, ready to quote and service your needs.

Our friendly team will arrive at your property fully equipped and after a friendly chat and mutually agreed action plan we will cut, saw, fell, trim, prune, shape, clear and clean until we have controlled and erased all damage. We will leave you waving goodbye to us, with our trucks full of your damaged limbs and happy you gave us a call.

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