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Crown lifting is the process of removing lower branches to create more room between the ground and the beginning of the tree’s foliage.

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This is another procedure that is best left to the experts. Removing too many lower branches at once can seriously injure your tree. Decay can occur within the trunk of an over pruned tree, on the outer wounds or epicormic growth may start, which forces the tree to grow taller in an unhealthy way or start to bud lower down on the tree’s trunk.

Ideally half of the tree’s foliage should originate from branches on the bottom two thirds of the tree.

Done properly, crown lifting can do much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size and give your tree an amazing growth boost in the most sought-after way, making a beautiful leafy canopy of light and where needed flowers and fruit.

It can reduce leaf litter and remove any potentially hazardous lower limbs. This is an absolute must over swimming pools.

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We’ve helped people with trees growing into their roofs, branches hanging over their fences, and even trees on top of cars! Our services include but are not limited to crown raising, pruning, removal and stump grinding.

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