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Palm Tree Removal Perth

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Perth Palm Tree Removal

Do you need professional palm tree removal? Get palm tree pruning and stump removal service delivered by qualified arborists in Perth. Our team knows the strong signs of palm trees that require removal around high-risk locations such as near electrical wires.

Let us help you to preserve your curb appeal and increase the value of your property the right way.

Our Palm Tree Services

  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Palm Tree Pruning
  • Palm Tree Stump Removal
  • Palm Tree Sculpting
  • Large Palm Tree Assessment
  • Trunk Reduction
  • Wood Disposal

Palm Tree Removal Cost in Perth Area

We understand that no palm tree removal jobs are the same. That’s the reason why we offer a free assessment and accurate quotation. Customers around the Perth area continue to trust us because of our reliable work ethic and reasonable palm tree cutting costs.

Palm Tree Pruning and Sculpting

Palm tree fronds, when not appropriately removed, can fall off and damage your car or garden. They can also be a fire hazard. Have your palm tree fronds pruned and trimmed regularly to keep your property safe. We do palm pruning around the Perth area regardless of the tree’s height. Call us if you want to get a free assessment or expert advice on how to prune your palm tree.

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Palms are one of the hardest trees to trim, prune, or remove. Palm trees might look lovely, but cutting them could be risky. Unlike with regular trees, palms trunks can damage a chainsaw blade.

Palm tree stumps could also be a nuisance because digging them out takes a lot of tenacity.

Let us cut your palm tree so you won’t put yourself in danger. We’ll keep you and your property safe by removing your palm tree the right way.

  • Get a free site assessment and accurate palm tree removal quote.
  • Each of our team members is passionate about trees and gardens. We’ll get the job done while taking care not to damage other plants in your garden.
  • We will enlighten you at every step of the process. We’ll see to it that we answer every question that you may have about the job.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.

Give us a call today on 0413 043 501 and we can provide you with a free no obligation palm tree removal quote. We’re also happy to provide you with expert advice, palm tree identification and answer any questions you may have.

Palm Tree Removal FAQ

The cost for palm tree removal can vary greatly depending on the size, the location on your property, the type of palm tree and how difficult it is to remove it. The removal costs can range from $250 right up to $2,600 depending on the circumstances.

The cost for removing a small palm tree (up to 5m high) would be around $200-300 if it’s easily accessible and located in your front-yard.

The price for lopping and removing a medium palm tree (between 5m – 8m high) could be between $250-$350, but again it depends on the factors explained above.

Larger palm trees (8m or higher) are more difficult to remove and therefore the price range is a fair bit higher. You will be looking at $600-$800 with easy access to the tree from the street.

To get an accurate cost estimate, please get in touch with our Perth palm tree lopping experts.

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