Most of us think pruning a tree, shrub or hedge is to give us an abundance of lush foliage, flowers and fruit in their optimal season. Pruning is this and so much more.

We can encourage growth in the direction that is needed to create areas of dappled shade in the summer while still letting the breeze through, privacy screens to shield you in your suburban oasis, a lush hedge to help diffuse the noise of neighbours and traffic, a visual masterpiece to sit and gaze upon and many more aesthetic features.

Pruning also removes dead, diseased and damaged branches to deter decay and insects from taking residence in your tree.

It removes water sprouts and suckers which zap so much of the tree’s food, water and new growth supplies, eliminating weak wood.

Using the correct pruning methods, we can stop crossing branches rubbing together to cause weak wood and damage, eliminate weak or narrow crotches that split and break and remove co-dominant leaders which cause your tree to grow in different unbalanced directions and result in a misshaped tree.

Sometimes you might need pruning for domestic purposes such as letting light and sun onto a washing line, access to a doorway or gateway, stop a swimming pool being too shaded, prevent birds from nesting and dropping over entertaining areas and swimming pools – the list is endless.

With the correct, qualified pruning we can create a strong, healthy and enjoyable environment for your pleasure. Whether you need us at your home, business, school, workplace, resort or holiday home we have you covered.

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