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Stump Grinding Perth

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There are many situations that call for the removal of a tree.

Stump Grinding Perth
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Tree stumps can be unattractive, dangerous and just plain inconvenient.

Not many people want an ugly tree stump detracting from the beauty of their garden, but the stump takes up room where something else beautiful can grow. Old stumps also have the potential to rot and grow mould and fungi which can contaminate the surrounding garden – harming and sometimes killing other plant life.

Tree stump grinding is also essential when new fixtures are necessary, be it a house extension, new driveway, patio, path, shed. If the tree stump is not professionally obliterated new growth can occur and permanently damage your new additions.

Our stump grinders will cut and grind your tree stump until it is gone and the remains turned to saw dust, which you then have the option to use as mulch on your garden. We have various machines of different size and types to remove an ugly or inconvenient tree stump from almost any position.

Our friendly team will come in and assess the tree and its surroundings. We will provide you with a free, competitive quote, then once you give us the ok we will remove your tree, clean up and leave you feeling excited about what you can do with your new space.

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Tree Wise Men Perth is a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service for stump grinding and more. Our team of arborists have over 30 years experience in the industry and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive top quality service at an affordable price.

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We encourage you to get 3 quotes, so you know before and after the job is done by us that you have made the right choice. We get around 80% of the jobs we quote on due to our affordable prices, excellent service and can-do attitude. Give us a call for Stump Grinding on 0413 043 501 and see for yourself why our loyal customers keep coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tree stump removal?

Trees are felled for various reasons— they’re blocking a new pathway, they’re dangerously close to a house that’s about to be built, it’s taking away the beauty of a garden, etc. The reasons are various but almost everyone who cuts down a tree is left with a common problem— the stump. Tree stumps lying around can look quite ugly, they take up space, and over time they begin rotting and give rise to mould and fungi that can start growing around the stump. Nobody wants mould and fungi growing in their new garden, do they?

For this very reason, we recommend removing the tree stumps entirely. They don’t serve any purpose and instead, other plants can be planted on that spot, or it can make room for something else. Tree stump removal in Perth is very popular and it is easily done by professionals. From small trees to big trees, to palm tree removal, there is no tree type that can’t be removed.

What’s the cost of a tree stump removal in Perth?

The average cost to remove a tree stump is $235, but really, it all depends on the size of the tree stump and where it lies on your property. The cost also depends on the type of wood— whether it’s palmwood or hardwood. Palm stumps which are soft and easy to remove range from $45 for a stump size that’s 15-25cm and can go up to $260 for a stump size of 85-120cm.

Hardwood, on the other hand, includes all the non-palm trees and are much more difficult to remove. Hardwood stumps cost around $70 for a 15-25cm stump size and $410 for an 85-120cm stump size.

The mid-value for tree stump removals lies at $130 for palmwood stumps and $215 for hardwood stumps that are between 45-60cm in size.

What is the cost of tree stump grinding in Perth?

The average for a tree stump grinding is $105, however, the machinery for a stump grinding process is very big, therefore the cost also depends on factors like proximity of the stump to windows and other surfaces, narrow access, steps etc. It also depends on the diameter of the stump, and whether it's palmwood or hardwood. You can get an estimate of how much it will cost to get your stump ground by multiplying the diameter of the stump by 3.

The average cost of grinding a hardwood stump of 15-25cm is $70 and can go up to $605 for a 120-150cm sized tree stump.

On the other hand, palmwood stumps, as they are softer, cost an average of $50 for a stump size of 15-25cm, and $420 for a stump size of 120-150cm.

Why grind tree stumps?

Tree stumps lying around your property gives it an ugly look. It could be blocking your driveway or be a hazard for families where there are children running around. Tree stump grinding is one of the safer ways of removing a tree stump because the entire stump is ground by machines. This prevents ants, termites, and snakes from making a home inside the stump. It’s also less invasive than a stump removal because when a stump has to be removed entirely, the surrounding area also has to be dug up in order to get rid of the roots entirely. This leaves a gaping hole in the ground that is dangerous until it’s filled up.

With stump grinding, you can also decide what height you want the stump to be, and the sawdust that’s left behind from the process can be used as mulch.

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?

A stump grinder is a very powerful machine. Its sharp blades cut into the wood at a high speed and grind the wood into chips. At the same time, there are other factors that determine the time it takes to grind a stump. These factors include the size of the stump, the location of the stump, the tree species, the size of the machine, and the type of soil it’s growing in. Taking all these factors into consideration, it can take anything from 15 minutes to up to 2 hours to grind a tree stump properly. Small stumps with diameters of about 3 inches can take around 15 minutes, which is the minimum. Hardwood tree stumps take longer to grind than softwood tree stumps.

Does grinding a tree stump kill the roots?

Yes. A tree stump grinding when done properly, kills the roots of the tree, thus effectively stopping it from growing new roots. If the roots remain intact, then it won’t be long before it starts sprouting new leaves, and soon there might start growing in its place a new tree itself. Some trees can grow back from roots and some cannot. However, an effective stump grinding goes down right into the ground and destroys the base of the root system. Although the roots are not completely removed, they can be exposed with a little digging and ground with the machinery or poisoned.

How do you grind a stump?

Stump grinders are large, powerful machines that are best operated by professionals and experts. It looks somewhat like a lawnmower with big rotating blades at the other end. When switched on, these blades eat rapidly into the wood, grinding it into sawdust. The blades are extremely sharp and spin at high speeds in order to cut up the wood into small pieces.

If you are a DIY person and want to stump the grinder by yourself, it is possible. However, for safety reasons, stump grinders that are available for rent are much smaller than the professional models. You will also need protective gear, insurance in case something goes wrong, a vehicle to transport the grinder from the rental company, and the strength to maneuver it properly. Stump grinding is best left to professionals; in some cases where the stump is big in terms of size, small stump grinders might not be up to the job.


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