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Thinning Out

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Thinning out is a tree service we provide to not only improve the look and health of your tree and allow light through, but it is a great way to prevent the impact of storm damage.

Thinning allows wind to pass through the pruned section of the crown, which can help break the force of strong winds against the tree.

The thinning method reduces the mechanical stress on selected limbs from wind, rain and gravity.

When we thin your tree, we are aiming to reduce the number and thickness of tree branches in the crown. This reduces fungal and pest problems.

We can also prevent the tree getting too tall and keep its limbs from becoming invasive.

Used in conjunction with pruning your tree can thrive while being attractive and as safe as possible.

Thinning is also a great way to encourage native wildlife into your yard as it encourages strength of limbs, dense foliage on those branches while allowing sunlight and warmth through the pruned sections.

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Thinning out trees is a necessary but dangerous task. It can be hard to find the right tree service company that will do the job safely and efficiently. At Tree Wise Men Perth, we have been thinning out trees for over 30 years and are experts at it. We’ve developed our own techniques that allow us to remove branches without having them fall on you or your property.

We also offer free quotes so you know exactly how much this service will cost before committing to anything.

Your lawn and garden will love you for it too. Call us now on 0413 043 501 to talk to us about the best approach to keep your tree looking good, feeling good and being a safe presence in your yard.

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