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Removing trees is what we’ve been doing for 30 years.

A lot of people think they can DIY tree removal or get a friend to help – if only it were that easy.

Removing a tree is definitely one of those things you should leave to the experts.

Weather, tree diseases & pests, dead, brittle wood and good old bad luck can cause the tree to fall in an unplanned direction. This can result in injury to yourself or others and cause untold damage to your property – or worse, your neighbours’. Either way this can become very costly.

Big spaces, small spaces, suburban, business, rural, we’ve manoeuvred tree removal in all kinds of spots cleanly and professionally.

We are fully accredited to remove trees in a safe and secure way for important purposes too, such as fire safety prevention, to ward against accidents or damage control after a storm. Our main goal is your safety. We will take all the worry out of the situation for you.

We also specialise in advice and removal of a tree where roots are impacting on pipe work, septic tanks and foundations. We will remove the tree and any others encroaching on the siteworks and safely poison the remains – the only way to stop the roots continuing to grow.

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Bamboo – need we say more? Talk to anyone who has tried to DIY the removal of bamboo and they will most probably throw their hands to their head with many exclamations.

While Bamboo can look great and be a fantastic, fast growing privacy screen it can also take over your garden completely. We have seen it invade lawn, pipes, neighbours’ properties, damage fences and paving, you name it. Cut it off at the base and it will keep coming back again and again and again. Roundup not working either? Yes, it’s a common problem but we can come to the rescue to eradicate the bamboo for you.

We will remove, stump grind and safely poison the bamboo, leaving you with a new blank canvas to work with.

Palm trees, gum trees, fig trees, poisonous trees, diseased trees, dead trees, all trees we will remove them safely and hassle free for you. Let us take the stress and the whole thought process out of the situation for you. For tree removal pricing, give us a call on 0413 043 501 and see for yourself why our loyal customers keep coming back.

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